About Us

Introduction of School

Milton Academy Junior High Secondary School” laying the foundation of excellence” in 2001 is a CBSE affiliated Co- Educational Institute, has proved its mettle in the education sector due to its emphasize on educational excellence, mental wellbeing of students and opportunities in co -curricular activities like sports and arts. Education today, is not mainly transmitting information , it is enabling the child to distinguish between right and wrong . Our teachers are helping the child in the learning process as well as playing a significant role in empowering the young minds to deal with their day-to-day challenges and resolve them with confidence.

Providing education with the highest standards.

The purpose of education at Milton Academy is that all our girls and boys receive an excellent academic education and at the same time to culture the mind of a child so that he can accomplish all his aims in life, to be an integrated individual who is capable of dealing with life as a whole and learnthe lesson of humanity.

The Foremost aim of these Schools is to provide and maintain high standard of education as reflected by the excellent Home Exam and Board Exam results.

Education is not just a bundle of books or curriculum but also interaction with the world around us. The education given in class rooms needs to be assisted by practical demonstrations and real life experiences.

The journey on the golden path of education as we envisage it, is without an end and only has glittering milestones.

Attitude & ability of the teacher, aptitude of the students, the immediate environs of the school, the infrastructure and facilities available are important factors when it comes to education and all round development of the students. We always endeavor to provide the best amenities to the students and our faculty which without doubt is well qualified for their role.

Vision & Dedication

Milton Academy is expert in education with 15 years of experiance.

We aim to nurture skilled confident children by working on their heart, mind and psyche.

  • We lay foundation of literacy, numeracy and comprehensibility for the future.
  • We encourage students to make practical connections between their studies and the real word, by practical demonstration and real life experiences.
  • Milton Academy is committed to nurture the inherent potential and talent of each child creating lifelong learners who will be the happy conscious leaders of the tomorrow.